A Full Exterior Detail

Make Your Paint Look Brilliant and Protect It From The Weather


When was the last time you waxed your car? Has it been a few months or even a few years?

Maybe you just purchased a new vehicle and want to make sure your paint gets off on the right foot. If so, then this is a great option for you.

Not only will you see a big difference in the appearance, but you’ll be able to feel the smoothness and slickness of the paint once we’re done with the service.

Our 23-point Full Exterior Detail Process


1)  Degrease and clean tires

2)  Clean wheels and remove brake dust

3)  Clean wheel barrel

4)  1st pressurized rinse

4)  Initial surface dirt and grime removal from vehicle

5)  2nd pressurized rinse

6)  Foam bath and hand wash

7)  Gas cap and chamber cleaned

8)  Gas cap chamber dressed

9)  3rd pressurized rinse

10)  Iron removal and paint decontamination from vehicle body panels (as needed)

11)  4th Pressurized rinse

12)  Clay bar paint decontamination (as needed)

13)  Final Touch gloss applied

14)  Hand dried 

15)  Door and trunk jambs cleaned

16)  Thorough vacuum of seats, cabin and floor mats

17)  Damp wipe down of interior panels and dash

18)  Professional-grade wax hand-applied

19)  Dress and condition all exterior vinyl, rubber and plastics

20)  Bead maker applied to wheels

21)  Tire dressing

22)  Wheel well cleaned and dressed

23)  Clean interior and exterior windows

This process does not remove paint overspray or heavy bug/tar splatter.  BUT, we'd be glad to talk about a price that will cover the time and energy to do so.

If you’d like your car to go through an entire transformation, then check out our Full Interior Cleaning service. Everything in your interior will be cleaned to the best condition possible. So now the exterior and interior of your car will look amazing! 

The end product? A clean and shiny vehicle you’ll be happy to turnaround and look at when you’re walking away from it.

Simple Pricing

Price is based on size, condition, and type of vehicle.

A general price range is shown below.  Actual pricing is determined based on size, condition and type of vehicle.  Pricing can be finalized beforehand with accurate, current and clear photos of entire interior or on site the day of service.


$175 - $225


$220 - $270


$260 - $325

Full Exterior Detail FAQs



Q:  Do you come to me?
A:  Yes, we are entirely self-contained mobile detailing unit. We can perform the wash at your home, apartment, or work location. No need to stress about waiting in line or traffic 

Q:  What kind of wax do you use?
A:  We have a few brands we use like 3D Poxy, Chemical Guys Black Light, and so on.  So it comes down to what we’re working on and what we decide is best fitting. 

Q:  How long will the wax last? 
A:  It’s all depends how you store your car. If it’s garaged at work and at home 80% of the time, then it can last between four to six months. If you have your car sitting out in the sun, cold, and rain 100% of the time, then maybe you can get three months out of it.

Also, if you wash your car with dish soap, then you’ll start stripping the protective layer of wax off your paint.

Q:  How long does the wash process take?
A:  It depends on the size and condition of the vehicle, but generally speaking between 3 to 5 hours.

Q:  Do you need access to water or power?
A:  If we’re working at your home location, then if possible, we’ll use the water spigot you have. If we’re working at an apartment or your work location, we have our own water supply that we use. Regardless, we can get the job done!

Same thing goes for power.  If you provide access to power, we can use your outlets.  If not, we carry everything we need onboard our van. The most important thing is we have access to the vehicle and enough room to work comfortably.

Q:  Does this remove scratches from my paint? 
A:  Applying a wax will hide or cover the light swirls and scratches in your paint. They’re essentially “filled in” with the wax which creates more shine. So technically it does hide the light scratches, but it does not actually remove any of them.

Nonetheless, your paint will look much glossier because the wax creates a more “flat” surface.

Q:  Do you do group washes?
A:  At this time, we do not offer group washes or maintain fleets of vehicles.